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Week ending 8.9.21


A week of poetry. We have read a variety of limericks, acrostic, shape and rhyming poems resulting in us writing list poems and Autumn poems. The children tried really hard to add description to their sentences. I loved how we described that hedgehogs lived in prickly sleeping bags and how autumn paths looked like carpets of leaves.


Fortunately Wednesday was sunny and we were able to study how shadows are made. We learnt that light must travel in straight lines otherwise we wouldn't have shadows. We enjoyed chasing and drawing around each others' shadows. Unfortunately, we were unable to check how our shadow moved at different times of the day; it's been too cloudy. Hopefully next week. 

DT: Cooking

Impressive knife cutting skills from Year 2. Everyone had a great time preparing a vegetable couscous salad. I was pleased how well they worked in teams, helping and supporting each other. No first aid required either; always a bonus.