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Week 3 w/e 21.01.22

In SCIENCE, we are looking at Animals including Humans this half term.  The children AMAZED me with all the facts they already knew about animals which they wrote on post it notes.  They also wrote down something they wanted to find out in the form of a question.  During our 1st couple of lessons we have explored our school grounds looking at different habitats and seeing what animals we could spot, learned key features in the animal classes of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians and compared animals within the same class by asking what's the same? and what's the difference?

Animal Groups - How are animals the same? How are animals different?

What is the "good news" that Jesus brings? is the question we are exploring in our Understanding Christianity work in RE.  During the first two lessons we have learned that GOSPEL means good news and that one piece of good news is that Jesus welcomed everyone


Through the story of Jesus and the Fishermen, we learned that Jesus realised he would need help to teach others about God's love - a group of "World Changers" he would call his Disciples.  Jesus offered the fisherman friendship, they took his offer and journeyed on with him to spread the word of God.


This week we read from Matthew 9:9-13 - the story of the tax collector Matthew, who Jesus chose to be one of his 12 Disciples.  This challenged the children's thinking, as through our drama lesson, they learned he was a man most people disliked.  We had to think carefully about why Christians might see this as good news.  We realised the good news was that Jesus welcomed everyone.


We are looking forward to our next session where we will begin to understand how Jesus provided instructions on how to lead a good life.

In GEOGRAPHY, we are learning more about KENYA in our Sensational Safari unit of work.  This links back nicely to our English work of last half term and the text Lila and the Secret Rain where we 1st learned some facts about the country of Kenya.

Our "sensational" map work...


In PE, we are all thoroughly enjoying our new gymnastics lessons. The children will be aiming to produce a sequence of flowing gymnastic elements, in unison with their partner. It is fantastic to listen to them all working together and practising the different movements. Below are a few we've tried so far.