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Week ending 31.3.2023


We finished our penguin report posters. I'm so pleased with everyone's writing. We spent time talking about headings and sub-headings and the difference between fiction and non fiction. To help support writing, we drew pictures of the facts. From these, the children could talk and form their own sentences, then write them. It is a method that encourages independence in writing as opposed copying information they read. 


We've loved learning about Ernest Shackleton's Journeys to the South Pole. A very brave man who looked after his fellow explorers. This week we sequenced his final journey after his ship Endurance was stranded. The children were challenged to add speech bubbles thinking what people may have been saying in the different situations.


We enjoyed making arrays outside. Arrays help the children to visualise a multiplication calculation. They can also see that 3x5 (3 lots of 5) has the same answer as 5x3 (5 lots of 3)