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Week ending 11.11.22



We were introduced to instruction writing this week. We learnt what they are and where they are used. For example, recipes and game boards. We practiced using bossy verbs to give and follow instructions by playing 'Simon says'. We then gave instructions to one person to allow them to draw a picture on a whiteboard. We ensured we were precise and clear by giving instructions such as 'Take the lid off your pen and hold the pen in the hand you write with'. We then immersed ourselves into instruction writing by exploring recipe books and games with instructions. Following this, we arranged some instructions into order to help 'Traction Man' brush his teeth properly. We discussed the features of instructions and found the bossy verbs. 



We practiced number bonds to 10 this week. We used numicon pieces, tens frames and cubes to find the number bonds to 10. We identified that the number bonds can be reversed to give the same answer (10). We then applied our knowledge to draw counters onto a tens frame, count the number bonds to 10 and write these in a number sentence. 



Our topic for Science this term is 'Everyday Materials'. This week we described the physical properties of a variety of everyday materials by testing different objects. We tested a few different objects to see whether they were transparent (see-through) or opaque (not transparent). We described what materials the objects were made from, and whether they were transparent or opaque. For example, a window is made from glass and is transparent. Whereas a tin can is made from metal and is opaque. We then tested some objects to identify if they were bendy or not bendy (stiff). We identified that an elastic band is made from rubber and is bendy. Whereas a table is made from wood and is not bendy.