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17th October

This week in early years

We have been super busy this week, we have celebrated our Harvest festival, learnt about Black History Month and looked a little closer at the changes in the season.


We welcomed our EYFS parents into school to watch the children perform three songs they had learnt, 'Tiny Little Me', 'Creator God' and 'My Lighthouse' and meet a St. Paul's church associate vicar, Eleanor. The children had worked really hard to learn the words and actions to these songs and put on a brilliant performance! They also wrote a prayer and shared all the things they are thankful to God for, some examples included our school, our families and ninja turtles! The children also showed their creative side this week by drawing and painting different fruit and vegetables. 

Black History Month

The children learned about Marcus Rashford and the fantastic things he has done. They learnt that he is a role model because of the successful campaign he led to try to end child poverty in England and his campaign for offering free school meals to vulnerable children. Early years decided to write a letter as a class about all the ways they could help people. They also drew foodbank items they would give to others and painted the murals of Marcus Rashford. 


We have been looking at number 4 this week! The children have been practicing their important sentence, "1 and another 1...and another 1...and another 1, makes 4."

They have been using the multilink cubes to make four in different ways and also counting things they can't see, such as beats on a drum and notes on a triangle. The children found objects around the room and made their own creations of 4 too!


This week in phonics, we have been focusing on the sounds, 'k,ck,e,u' and the tricky words we have learnt are, 'I, into, go, no, to'. The children have been air-writing these sounds and then practicing to write them on a whiteboard. They have also been reading CVC words containing these sounds and previously learnt sounds to practice segmenting and blending.