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Week ending 18.11.22



This week we added two numbers together using the part-whole model. We applied our knowledge to write number sentences and represent it using a ten frame. Some of us challenged ourselves to create a word problem using the numbers. Furthermore, we used the 'First, Then, Now' activity mats to create a number sentence using cubes. We added the cubes that were in the 'first' and 'then' column to place the correct amount of cubes into the 'now' column. 



This week we made paper aeroplanes. This was inspired by the picture book 'Emma Jane's Aeroplane'. As we made them, we followed a set of instructions and considered the bossy verbs. This was followed by writing a set of instructions on how to make a paper plane.



We continued investigating properties of everyday materials. We tested some objects to find out whether they were waterproof or not waterproof. We ensured we used the same amount of water each time, so it is a fair test. We discovered that wellington boots are waterproof, whereas a t-shirt is not.



In PE, we have been working on the handball unit. For our warm up, we played 'shadows' and worked in pairs to follow each other around the playground. For challenge 1, we had to sidestep around a hoop, ensuring that our partner stayed opposite us. Partner 1 was challenged to change direction. Challenge 2 involved us bouncing the ball to each other by bouncing the ball in the hoop. We then went on to bouncing the ball to each other and moving around the space. The skills we learnt were keeping an eye on the target, bending our knees and putting opposite foot to throwing hand.