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Autumn 1, 2023

A warm welcome to the 2023 / 2024 academic year...and our class page! 

It was fantastic to have the children back in school and in our classroom again - even though we were melting in the record breaking hot weather! 
The display of their moving up morning work was very well received and caused quite a buzz in the corridor during our first week.

Well done to NOAH who was the worthy recipient of this week's award for showing the value of challenging - he has settled quickly into new routines and engaged in all lessons, working hard to complete the tasks.

We've had a busy second week...


...moving into sets for our morning sessions, taking nominations for the roles of Collective Worship leader, School Council representative, Well Being ambassadors and...for the Year 6s...staff have begun our considerations for the coveted positions of House Captains and Vice Captains.


Whilst all this was going on, the whole school was enjoying our focus text "In Our Hands" by Lucy Farfort during their English lessons.

We extend a warm St Paul's welcome to Mrs Orphanides, Student Teacher, who is completing the 1st placement of her PGCE with us.  She already has 11 years experience working in a local school and a degree in Primary Education.  Mrs O (as she we are allowed to call her laugh) will be with us until Christmas and has already settled well and is proving an asset in our classroom.

Well done to LILY-MAY who was the worthy recipient of this week's award for showing the value of challenging - she is a talented writer and had asked me to read two pieces of work she had penned at home in the holidays and to let her know which I liked the best.  Regrettably, I could not help her - as they were BOTH absolutely brilliant, I could not decide !


It was 5/6B's turn for the Head Teachers Award this week too!  Many congratulations to EVIE, who accepted it from Mr Bown, and then assisted giving out the stickers and prizes.  This young lady is an absolute credit to herself, her family and St Paul's School.  I am blessed to have her as part of my class team, she really lives all of the school values every single day!  

We hope you enjoyed sharing all your children's hard work from week 3 during our open afternoon...


...another week crammed with activities, in particular to celebrate our Values Week, our whole school community understanding that our values are not just words but what we are on the inside.

Kate shares the story of Zacchaeus and how he was challenged and encouraged others...we then had fun showcasing those values!

Well done to JOSH who was the worthy recipient of this week's award for showing the values of challenging and kind- he helped a class member to feel welcome and shine in PE and has worked hard all week, especially with his writing.

Week 4's highlights...

On Wednesday, both Key Stage 1 and 2, were treated to a visit from the international award winning author James Campbell...and what a great time we all had !  An adult with the power to keep the children enthralled and entertained for over an hour - he departed his life story to the children and had them in fits of laughter.  James then shared pages from his range of books along with details of his inspirations and told them about his new book due to be released next February.


He left them with an important message - you are all writers... and whatever your dreams are just go for it - don't wait, start now ! 


A massive thank you to the PTA who funded this opportunity yes.  

We are enjoying dance masterclasses delivered by Invisible Threads ... thank you Mrs Newbold!

In Week 5...


On Monday, Year 5s had an educational visit from The Fire Service.  They recapped what they had learned from a previous visit when they were in Year 1 and then went on to learn about potential hazards, smoke alarms, fire action plans and hoax calls.  It was a very informative visit and the children are bringing home various goodies to share the messages with those at home. 

After a week off from our Celebration Collective Worship due to the school photographs being taken, it was a pleasure to invite MADISON to the front this morning.  She was the worthy recipient of this week's award for showing the value of challenging.  Since returning from the summer holidays, Madison has shown great focus and learning behaviours along with a determination to do her very best in every lesson.  This has been noticed by all the staff in the phase - well done!

During Week 6...


The week started very well for a small but select team of our Year 5s, who attended the Princethorpe School Maths Challenge morning.   Well done to Gethin, Finlay, Ganishka and Sofi who had a great time solving numerical problems and a huge thank you to Gethin's mum for providing lifts to the team. 

Your Harvest Festival contributions - thank you!

On Thursday, we enjoyed walking to St Paul's Church to celebrate Harvest Festival.  It was lovely to receive so many kind contributions in our Food Bank box - thank you to all those who gave so generously.  In church, we were reminded that we all have the responsibility of looking after God's earth to ensure everyone can still benefit from plentiful harvests in the future.

Well done to EVANGELOUS who was the worthy recipient of this week's award for showing the values of brave and challenging - he and his family have recently moved into the area and he has joined us  kin Year 5.  He has settled well and is showing great learning behaviours.  It was lovely to meet his Mum and siblings at parents evening and we extend a warm welcome from the St Paul's community to the whole family.


It was 5/6B's turn for the Head Teachers Award this week too!  Many congratulations to GETHIN, who accepted it from Mr Hawkins, and then assisted giving out the stickers and prizes.  Gethin was a great ambassador for St Paul's when he attended a maths challenge morning at Princethorpe School on Monday.  

And in Week was TROPHY time!


With the Year 6s away on residential next week our celebration collective worship on Friday saw this half term's trophies for reading, writing and maths given out.  In our team the following children were awarded the much sought after prize:


Reading - Madison
Writing - Harmony

Maths - Evangelous


Many congratulations to these children who have shown a consistent effort and focus in their work which has resulted in great achievements!  It is always very difficult to pick just 3 children each half term, as they all make it a hard choice !  Keep working hard everybody - Autumn 2 and Christmas will soon be upon us, along with another chance to be awarded a trophy.