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My name is Ruth, I'm 7 and I'm in Mrs Leng's class. I'm the youngest of 5 children.

I used to live in London with our rabbits and one of them was eaten by a fox.

I support LIVERPOOL.

Our family like playing cricket in the garden and l have lots of cuddlies in my bed! 


I really like the clubs at St Paul's and Forest school is lots of fun.

I also love going to the school library and choosing books with my library card.



My name is Macey and I am 9 years old and I am in class 4C.

My hobbies are dancing, football, squash, swimming, tennis, running and reading.

My favourite book is “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse ”.

This was first read to me at school last year and I liked it so much that I bought the book.


My favourite subject at school is DT and English, but I also like PE.

 I have a dog called D’Angelo and he is really naughty.


I like being in school council because I like helping people


I like the responsibility of passing news onto the class.


My name is Hector.

I like cars, trees and nature. My favourite things to do are identify cars and trees. 

I also like car spotting and evaluating furniture.

I am a Cub at Holy Trinity church. 

This summer, I am selling my herbs at my grandma's exhibition.

I enjoy teaching my friends how to look after their garden and I have an Ebay shop where I sell my own hand carved wands. 


I have really enjoyed being a school counsellor and I am excited to carry on. 


My name is Jude and I’m 10 years old. I’m the oldest of 3 children.

My hobbies are climbing, I am a member of the climbing club at the University of Warwick, Tae Kwon Do, tennis, Lego and reading. My favourite school subject is history and the Tudors is my favourite period. I go to Dale Street Cubs, it’s great fun and we get to do loads of different things. My favourite book is Sabotage on the Solar Express. My favourite animal is the Green Anaconda, it’s the largest snake in the world.  I love snakes!

I really enjoy being a school councillor, I have enjoyed the activities I’ve been involved in.

Raising money through cake sales and planting a tree. 

I like giving my class all the news and passing on their ideas.


My Name is Lara and I’m 8 years old.

I’m in year 3.  


My hobbies are street dance, football, gymnastics, netball and embroidery.


My favourite book is 'The Girls' - it’s all about friendships and

how they change as they grow up .


I like being on the School Council because I want to make sure we do everything

we can to protect nature and wildlife at school.  

I also like being able to share the class ideas with other people on the council.


My favourite food is halloumi cheese.


The School Council is made up of one child from every class across the school.

Each year, one child is nominated by their class to be the school counsellor

that represents them and their views.

This year, the school council has organised activities to raise money for the school and the children have worked with the Headteacher on school improvement.


They are available for any child in the school that wants to share their ideas.

Recognising and Supporting Behaviour Policy

Most recently the school council supported the Headteacher with a review of the school's 'Recognising and Supporting Behaviour Policy'. 

They played a key role in sharing the pupils' voice. 


The School Council have played a crucial role in recruiting new members of staff. 

They actively engaged in a question and answer session during the interview process. 

After they had collected their views, they fed back to the Senior Leadership Team with their well-informed findings.  

A visit from Matt Western

Labour MP for Warwick and Leamington Spa

Friday 20th May 2022, we proudly represented our school.

Matt delivered a collective worship whereby he introduced himself and

explained to us all what his job is. 

Later on, we met with Matt and discussed local issues:

homelessness, wildlife and local infrastructure. 

Matt then shared his thoughts on the importance of democracy

and how he strongly believed in everyone having a voice

especially when actions directly impact on them.


School Council Meeting 17.06.22

School Council Meeting 25.03.22

School Council Meeting 11.03.22