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The School Council is made up of one child from every class across the school.

Each year, one child is nominated by their class to be the school counsellor

that represents them and their views.

This year, the school council has organised activities to raise money for the school and the children have worked with the Headteacher on school improvement.


They are available for any child in the school that wants to share their ideas.

Monday 29th January 2024 


The School Council met with Miss Berte to discuss the next steps in achieving the ‘Bee Friendly School Award’.


Over the coming weeks they will be:

  • Writing to parents in the newsletter asking for large pieces of cardboard in order to prepare an area of Forest School ground to plant a range of wild seeds so that we can encourage more bees and butterflies. We want to become a ‘Bee Friendly School’.
  • In order to raise funds to buy the seeds, they will be putting on several cakes sales during spring 2.
  • They will be explaining their plan in the newsletter, making posters and sourcing the seeds using the money raised.
  • Planting saplings and making their own mulch using organic materials in order to give the trees the best opportunity to flourish with the nutrients in the ground.

Once this is underway, Miss Berte will meet with the School Council again to plan the next phase.

Matt Western Visit - Friday 15th December


On Friday we were delighted to be visited by Matt Western, our local MP. Matt joined us for our reward assembly and then spoke to the children about the job he does. After being given a tour of the school by Mr Bown the school council met with Matt. The children discussed with Matt there concerns about the current 30mph speed limit outside the school and how they feel it should be reduced to 20mph. Matt listened to the points that were made and agreed it would be a good idea. He asked the school council to send him a letter explaining what they wanted and why they think it would benefit the school and local community. 



School Council Meeting - 16.10.23

Recognising and Supporting Behaviour Policy

Most recently the school council supported the Headteacher with a review of the school's 'Recognising and Supporting Behaviour Policy'. 

They played a key role in sharing the pupils' voice. 


The School Council have played a crucial role in recruiting new members of staff. 

They actively engaged in a question and answer session during the interview process. 

After they had collected their views, they fed back to the Senior Leadership Team with their well-informed findings.  

A visit from Matt Western

Labour MP for Warwick and Leamington Spa

Friday 20th May 2022, we proudly represented our school.

Matt delivered a collective worship whereby he introduced himself and

explained to us all what his job is. 

Later on, we met with Matt and discussed local issues:

homelessness, wildlife and local infrastructure. 

Matt then shared his thoughts on the importance of democracy

and how he strongly believed in everyone having a voice

especially when actions directly impact on them.


School Council Meeting 09.12.22

School Council Meeting 07.10.22

School Council Meeting 17.06.22

School Council Meeting 25.03.22

School Council Meeting 11.03.22