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Committees and Governor responsibilities

Current committees and responsible governors 


Performance & Standards Committee (P&SC) members

Sarah Castro, Katy Traynar (to be confirmed), Naomi Chard, John Tindale.  (Hester Meacock maternity break) 


Finance & Resources Committee (F&RC) members

Steve Axcell, Charles Crow, Joe Jarvis, Richard Coxon, Rachel Cooper


Pay Committee 

Richard Coxon, Charles Crow, Steve Axcell, Jonathan Jee

(3 available Governors to attend)


Headteacher’s Performance Management

Richard Coxon, Charles Crow, Jonathan Jee, Steve Axcell 

(3 available Governors to attend)


Appeals and Hearings

Charles Crow, Sarah Castro, Richard Coxon, Jonathan Jee, Joe Jarvis, John Tindale. (Hester Meacock)


Specific Responsibilities held by governors




Chair of Governors 

Charles Crow 

Vice Chair 

Sarah Castro 

Safeguarding (inc. Wellbeing) 

John Tindale (Lead) covering for Hester Meacock 

Naomi Chard (Deputy) 

Pupil Premium 


SEND & Thrive 

Naomi Chard 

School Improvement 

Sarah Castro 

ICT & E-safety 

Richard Coxon 

RE & Collective Worship 

Jonathan Jee 

(Hester Meacock) 

Extended school provision 

Charles Crow 

H&S and Premises 

John Tindale 

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 

Joe Jarvis covering for Hester Meacock 


Charles Crow 

Pupil Tracking (inc. More Able) 


Governor CPD 

Sarah Castro