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Committees and Governor responsibilities

Set out below are the various committees and the names of the governors that sit on those committees. 


Standards and Performance:
Julie Jackson (Chair)
Gus Lock, Hester Meacock, Joy Caws, Naomi Chard.

Finance and Resources:
Dan Graham (Chair)
Charles Crow, James Robinson, Rachel Cooper, David Harkness.

Charles Crow (Chair)
Jonathan Jee, Dan Graham, Gus Lock, David Harkness, Joy Caws.

Dan Graham, Jonathan Jee, Joy Caws, David Harkness.

Specific Responsibilities held by governors.


​Governing Body, Chair: Charles Crow
Governing Body, Vice Chair: Julie Jackson
Pupil Premium and Pupil Tracking: Joy Caws
School Improvement: Gus Lock
ICT/E-Safety: Hester Meacock
Safeguarding Lead: Hester Meacock
Safeguarding Deputy: David Harkness
RE/Collective Worship: Hester Meacock*
Extended Schools (Breakfast Club/ASCC): Charles Crow
Premises/Health and Safety: David Harkness
More Able: Naomi Chard
Admissions: Charles Crow
SEND: Naomi Chard
Training: Julie Jackson


* Mrs Meacock is presently on MLA, Naomi Chard has taken over as governor with Safeguarding responsibilities until she returns.