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Week ending 10.02.23


This week we learnt about Ramadan and why Muslims fast, as it allows them to understand what it feels like to not have access to food and water. We recognised when Muslims break their fast and discussed how it would feel to fast. We then discussed how they celebrate Eid and drew pictures to represent this. For example, having a meal with friends and family, attending the mosque and reading the Qur'an. As well as, giving and receiving gifts and greeting cards and applying mehndi to their hands.


We used a number line to find numbers that are greater than or less than a number. We wrote a list of numbers that are in between a set of two numbers, and practiced completing a number line to 20.


We watched video clips which gave us facts about humpback whales and sea snails. We worked as a table group and wrote down facts on post-it-notes using the information from the video and the fact-files provided. This supported us with writing our simple explanation text which explained the food chain.


We discussed what an aerial view is and how it is taken. We then looked at an aerial view of our school. This was followed by looking at aerial views of landmarks in Leamington Spa. For our activity, we worked as a table group and labelled the photographs using human and physical features.