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Week ending 3.02.23

This week in gymnastics we separated the class into 2 groups. The first group worked in pairs and carried out partner balances. The second group took turns to travel along the bench and jump off the end onto a mat. 


In English, we used our retelling lesson from last week to write our newspaper reports. The following lesson we read the entire story, ‘Snail and the Whale’. We discussed what we liked about it and what we disliked. We then moved on to identifying patterns, such as rhyming words and repetitive language. As well as, anything in the story that may have puzzled us.


We learnt about the importance of the Qu’ran and why it is placed on a stand. We then looked at the five pillars of Islam which are:

  • There is one God (Allah) and Muhammad is the messenger of God.
  • The importance of praying 5 times a day.
  • Giving money to charity.
  • Fasting during Ramadan.
  • Going on a pilgrimage to Mecca (at least once in their life).


For our activity, we thought about some words that are meaningful to us. We wrote these down on a paper plate and decorated them using geometric patterns.