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Week ending 30.6.2023

Even more science:

On Monday we:

a) Painted our pollen grains.

b) Finished our bean dairies, noting that the roots grew first then the stalk which was always trying to get to the sun. We found it interesting to see how the stalk came out of the seed. They are ready for planting now if you have the chance. This was a great way to observe how seeds become plants.

c) Identified flowers, especially wildflowers, and enjoyed using pastels to make our 1/2B wildflower patch!

A busy Monday afternoon. Excellent work all.

English: The Whisperer

We finished our work on this fabulous book by writing a diary entry. We imagined we were with Monty or Amber and we had been given the choices by our parents. What would we decide? Some wonderful writing. Thank you.

Geography: Map reading

We checked today that we could remember map symbols from last week. We could. A  few enjoyed making a city scape out of 2D and 3D cubes. Just ran out of time to make a map out of it but great birds' eye views of the buildings.

RE: The Passover Story

Continuing our study of religious celebrations, we learnt how and why Jewish people celebrated Passover.

We enjoyed using pastels to recreate Moses parting the sea.