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Week ending 13.01.23

Fire Safety Workshop

The Warwickshire Fire Service visited St Paul’s and carried out a workshop with the Key Stage 1 pupils. They explained what their role is and the importance of Fire Safety. We looked at some scenarios around the causes of fires and discussed what is safe and what is unsafe. We watched an animated video which explained what to do in the event of a fire and practiced the ‘stop, drop and roll’ fire safety technique. The firemen informed us that all houses should have smoke alarms and these should be tested on a weekly basis.  


This week we have been continuing to read the story, 'Snail and the Whale'. We focused on the snail character and created 'Wanted' posters for her. We then moved on to form an opinion using conscience alley. We wrote down our opinions on whether the snail should stay with her family or leave with the whale and go travelling. 


This week we completed the addition and subtraction unit. We focused on adding and subtracting 1 or 2. We solved word problems and used number lines to help support us. We have now moved on to looking at shape. We were introduced to 3D shapes and had a go at labelling them and sorting them by name. For example, cubes and cuboids. We were challenged to think about whether the shapes can roll or be stacked. 


We discussed the importance of animals (including humans) having babies as it helps the species to survive and not become extinct. We then matched the pictures of the baby animals to the adult animals and labelled them. 


This week we used levers and pivots to create a moving mechanism. We used split pins to create a fixed point and our minibeasts were able to move in the shape of an arc.