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Autumn Half Term 1

What a great first half term! I have really enjoyed getting to know all the children and learning new things from them! They have all worked extremely hard. Please look at the pictures below so see the children’s amazing work! 


We looked at What we’ll build. A lovely book by Oliver Jeffers. The children described there bedrooms and wrote there aspirations for the future. 
Next, we looked at Little people Big Dream books and from these wrote a biography’s about famous people. 
Finally, we started are book for this term Street child by Berlie Doherty. It is such a fantastic book! We have learnt about work houses and written some excellent non-chronological reports. 


We learn about Genesis 1, The story of creation and compared this with scientific explanation for how the work began. The children expressed their view on creation and looked at scientists perspectives. 
We then finished our topic by asking Katy questions about creation at St Paul’s Church. The children had some great questions. 


The children learning about trade, imports and exports and why this was important. We also looked at fair trade and the children were keen to by fair trade products outside of school.  


This half term we explored Light. We complete a series of light investigation to learn how light travels and how we can see colour. 

Black History day 

I was so impressed with the children’s maturity and morals when had our Black History day. We learnt about famous black athletes and about Martin Luther Kings famous I have a dream speech. The children then wrote their dreams for the future, which were very inspiring. 

RE Creation story


Black history day

Science - Light

Art Hundertwasser