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Week ending 24.9.21


This week we continued our work on Leaf Man. The children challenged themselves to write sentences in their English books detailing where Leaf Man flew too. We began by acting out where he went and what he saw. Can you tell from the pictures? Two grammar lesson this week on alphabetical order and what makes a sentence. A sentence needs to start with a capital letter and end with (normally) a full stop but more importantly, a sentence needs to make sense. well children worked the ....???


We have continued learning the Creation story. In small groups, children chose a freeze frame to represent a day. We love a bit a acting in KS1. A super way to embed our learning.


Continuing our work on the weather, we talked and looked for signs of Autumn in our school grounds. A few conker shells were even found. Whilst outside, we collected many leaves to print with. The children were encouraged to use a variety of colours on their leaves to increase the effect of an Autumnal scene. A lovely afternoon indeed.