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Week 2 w/e 14.01.22


We have begun to look at multiplication and division, a unit of work that will last most of the half term.  This week we looked at equal and unequal groups.  We then added equal groups creating an addition number sentence and went on to look at how this can be recorded as a multiplication number sentence using the x symbol.


The front cover - title not revealed - was where we started our English lessons.  Recording what we could see and then what we could infer from that.  We went on to look at a further 3 pictures from the text before writing a predication about what we thought the story was about.  We then listened to the story - We're Going On A Lion Hunt - before sequencing other pictures from the text and recording the repeated phrases that make the book so enjoyable and interactive. 


We have previously done a lot of learning about the word classes nouns and adjectives and this week we have added in verbs - listing the animals from the story (in alphabetical order), acting out how they move and then recording a verb vocabulary bank for each animal, great fun !

We're Going on a Lion Hunt

Two girls going on a lion hunt by David Axtell