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Week 7

Well we have done it, we have reached the end of the Autumn term and what a term it has been. I think we can all breath a sigh of relief that we have made it without too much disruption to the children's learning and long may that continue. During the term we have fitted so much in: lessons, a year 6 residential, swimming, a virtual talk by a historian (more on that later) and so much more!


Despite it being the last week we have still managed to fit in some learning. In shared reading we read, visualised and answered questions on the poem 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'. It really helped get us all in the festive spirit and it was good hearing the children read the text with some excellent expression. In English we continued the Christmas theme by challenging the children to come up with their own version of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'. The results were amazing with a variety of topics covered, including: Marvel, Tesco, Rubbish Christmas Presents and many, many more. It was brilliant to see how creative the children were. In maths we spent a couple of lessons looking at coordinates and how to find different points on a coordinate grid. The children then worked on some different questions involving coordinate grids and, again, we even managed to fit in some Christmas questions. In science we concluded our work on materials by conducting a series of experiments linked to separating materials using different methods such as filtration, magnetism and sieving. The children enjoyed the practical element of the lesson but I was also impressed to see their scientific enquiry skills on display. In history we were delighted to have an online talk by historian and presenter James Rogers. James has presented programmes for the BBC and the History Channel and has also worked with organisations like the United Nations. He spoke to the children about his work and why he thinks history is so important and then took questions from the children. Finally, we completed our automata toys (which should now have made their way home to you). A huge thank you to Mrs Bound and Mr Musk who put a lot of effort into helping the children. You can see some photos of them below. 


On Wednesday we took the children to see the pantomime Aladdin. It was safe to say it was an experience! The children loved the trip and seeing some old favourites, such as Dame Dolly, go through their usual repertoire of songs and jokes. It was a great thing to do in the last week. 


The final song choice for this half term is a cover of Coldplay's Christmas Lights by one of my favourite bands Yellowcard. A great cover and a great song. 


I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and amazing New Year and thank you so much for all my cards and presents, you have been incredibly generous and I am really grateful. 


Mr H

Yellowcard - Christmas Lights