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Week 3 w/e 18.03.22

We have now moved on to recognising, naming and drawing 2D and 3D shapes in MATHS.  We are also beginning to learn about their properties.  The children have done very well to recognise all the required 2D shapes and most of the 3D shapes required at Year 2 already - well done everyone!

In ENGLISH, we have been working on apostrophes for possession this week as well as planning a leaflet all about the changes that occurred because of the Great Fire of London.  Next week, we will be busy making the leaflet and recounting our trip to All Things Wild.

On Friday, Key Stage One enjoyed the beautiful Spring sunshine at All Things Wild - on their very 1st school trip!  Linked to our recent Geography and Science topics, the children enjoyed discovering animals and how they are adapted to their environments.  Our class also took part in an animal encounter session where we discussed their diets and whether they were carnivores, herbivores or omnivores.   We held an armadillo, a gecko and a rabbit.  Of course, we all had great fun sampling all the other attractions on offer. The dinosaur park and abandoned old army vehicles were a great hit!   And the children (or adults!) will never forget how we delayed leaving by having a flat tyre and an extra play on the adventure equipment!


Many thanks to the adults who came along to support us - we couldn't do it without you!