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Week ending 3.12.2021

English- Poetry:

We've had a fabulous week learning and writing call and response poems/songs typical to African cultures. We reflected on Lila excitedly running down the mountain to her village and the subsequent celebrations there may have been in the village. What could they have sung?

Attached are links to call and response songs that helped us in our writing. I have to include a few photos of the children writing up their poems neatly onto decorative paper. Great concentration from everyone.

St. Andrew's Day:

This week we learnt not only about St. Andrew's life, but also learnt a little bit about Scotland. In art, we created a Loch Ness monster in collage and used our charcoal skills to create a loch background. In Autumn 1, Mrs Mottram introduced the children to drawing with charcoal. It was great to use charcoal again so soon.

Art- Colour Chaos continued

This week we learnt about Jackson Pollock and how he used drip painting in his art work. We looked at the picture " Autumn Rhythm" in particular. Pollock often used dark shades in his painting to reflect his feelings.

The children made different shades of colours by adding black to colours, a spot at a time and then we added extra water to make the colour easier to drip. As you can imagine, the children loved the dripping process. Everyone did wear overalls (honest);  some of the chairs didn't!