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W/E 26.11.21

Week beginning 22nd November


Another busy week in 2C!


Our Nativity rehearsals are going well and we are now more confident when saying our lines and singing the songs. 


Wednesday 24th - No Pens Day!


We had to make changes to our normal routines so that we didn't use any pens or pencils during the day. In English we took on the role of different characters from the story Lila and the Secret of Rain, other children then interviewed us. We thought about different question words we could use during this activity. In Guided Reading we used the dictionaries to locate different words that were in this week's reading passage. We had a focus on talking and listening throughout the day with lots of group activities and partner work.


In MATHS we continued to look at calculations involving two 2-digit numbers where the answers cross ten. For example, 26 + 57 = ?  or 45 - 38 = ? we are getting really good at using base 10 to work out the answers. We had to remember to exchange tens ones for a tens stick.

In English we retold the story of Lila and the Secret of Rain. It took us two days to write the whole story in our books. Mrs Bush was very impressed with our work! On Thursday we continued the work we had started during our English session on No Pens Day. We wrote down various questions that we would like to ask Lila. We had to remember to use a capital letter and a question mark.