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Week 7

We have reached the end of this half term and also the halfway point of the academic year! Well done to all members of 5/6 A who continue to impress us daily with their hard work and smiling faces!


This week in shared reading the children have based their learning on an extract from Kensuke's Kingdom. The first lesson saw the children pick out unfamiliar words from a passage and guess at the meaning of the word before using a dictionary to check their guesses. The children then visualised a setting from the book and drew their own map of the island using their own ideas and passages from the text. Finally, the children answered questions based on the text.


In English we continued to rea The Executioner's Daughter and focussed on the frost fair that Moss and Salter visit. The children learnt more about actual frost fairs and then planned and designed an advert for their own frost fair stall. 


In history the children took on the role of historical researchers and were tasked with reporting on the Spanish Armada. The children were given a range of sources to watch, study and analyse and the end results were amazing! Presentation ranged from fact pages, a Newsround report and interview and even some live reporting direct from the scene of the Spanish Armada. 


In science we spent time learning about naturalists and behaviourists before focussing on the nations favourite, David Attenborough. We watched some clips of his programmes and learnt about the work that he has done not just for the natural world but also the world of showbiz (who knew he had a part to play in Monty Python!). We finished our unit of work by writing a class letter to Sir David and we have everything crossed that he will send us a reply. 


In PE the children were given the chance to apply their gymnastic skills to apparatus around the hall. It was good to see the children really enjoy using apparatus they don't normally get to try.


Finally, in RSE we discussed bereavement and loss. They are tricky subjects to talk about but as always I was impressed with the children's maturity and sensitivity. 


Wishing you all an enjoyable half term,

Mrs Williams, Mrs Young, Mrs Wellicome and Miss Curran.

Shared Reading

History - to present information about the Spanish Armada

Monday 14th February 2022 

Dear Sir David, 

We hope that this letter finds you well. 

This term we have been learning about living things and their habitats in our science lessons and have watched clips from your nature documentaries. 

In today’s lesson we have learnt more about your life and influence and have been truly inspired.  Here are some of the comments from children in our class… 

“I have been inspired by you in so many ways but the one that sticks in my head is to keep calm and to reach for our goals. I would like to say thank you for making me aware of the wonderful world at my doorstep and across the World.” Charis 

“You have inspired me to keep going because sometimes I doubt I’m ever going to be who I want to be. I’d like to say thank you for Colour TV, it really helps me feel like nature is in my living room!” Amelie 

“You have inspired me not to be scared of animals and I want to say thank you for helping tackle climate change and for discovering new species.” Amy B 

“You have inspired me by your brilliant attitude and I would like to thank you for allowing me to see the World’s rarest creatures by creating your documentaries.” Sammy 

“I have been inspired by you to plant more trees to help the fight against climate change.” Eliza 

“I would like to thank you for giving us a new perspective on the world right in front of our eyes.” Anya 

Here are some questions from members of our class: 

  • What’s your favourite animal? Josh 

  • What inspired you to help the World? Mya 

  • How do you keep on going when it’s hard? Keryn 

  • What’s the scariest encounter that you have had in the wild? Tom 

  • What’s your favourite fact about an animal? Kai 

  • What’s your favourite place in the world to be? Percy 

  • Who or what inspired you to become a naturalist? Zach 

  • What do you like about spending time with animals? Amy P 

  • Are you more interested in learning about plants or animals? Aditi 

  • What is the funniest animal encounter that you have had? Adam 

  • How are you so brave when you are near to such dangerous creatures? Jakub 

  • Have you ever discovered a new species? Lyra 

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter, 

Kind regards, 

Class 5/6 A