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Week ending 01.10.21.


This week the children continued their work on 'Leaf Man' and challenged themselves to write some sentences detailing where Leaf Man flew to. We thought about the punctuation needed for a sentence and everyone tried hard to remember to use a capital letter at the start of their sentence and a full stop at the end. 


We finished the week with a new unit of work on poetry. As a class, we began by looking at a variety of poems and discussed what a poem is. We read a list poem, ’10 Things Found In a Wizard’s Pocket’ by Ian McMillan and talked about the content and layout. In small groups, we thought about what else we might find in a wizard’s pocket and came up with lots of imaginative ideas.


This week in Maths we have been comparing numbers. As a class, the children were introduced to the signs <, > and =. Using practical activities, the children began to use the inequality signs and to link them to less than, greater than and equal to. 


We continued our work on Seasons this week. As a class, we went outside and discussed why shadows form. We answered questions such as, ‘Can you always see your shadow?’ and ‘Does you shadow always look the same?’. We played a game of shadow tag and also drew round our shadows to see how these would change later in the day. In the afternoon, we made shadow puppets and thought about how our daytimes are longer at different times of the year.


We continued our learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. We enjoyed using drama to explore the events leading up to Guy Fawkes' arrest, including creeping through tunnels and tip-toeing past sleeping guards. We then wrote a sentence in our books to show what  the plotters may have said to each other. We began to think about the plotters' motives and a better solution to solving this problem today.