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Week 5

It has been fantastic to be back with the class this week and as always they have really impressed me with their hard work and enthusiasm. The triumph of the week was the class completing the first map on Sporcle and managing to name all 47 countries in Europe, we now move on to Africa. For those unaware, Sporcle it is a brilliant website packed with loads of different quizzes. 


In English this week the children have been planning and writing their version of the final chapter of Street Child. It has been really interesting to see the ideas that the children have for how they think the story will end: some sad, some happy, some that leave it on a cliff-hanger. What has been evident is how much the children have enjoyed the book and how they have really grown to care about Jim Jarvis. We also took advantage of the snow on Monday to do some creative writing based on what we could see on our school field. In shared reading we have been looking at a short story by Pie Corbett. The children have discussed and retold the story, selected some of its key features and finally worked together to answer questions based on the text. Maths this week has seen a continuation of our work on fractions. We have been attempting some trickier parts of the curriculum including multiplying a mixed number by an integer. The children have begun to see the need to apply their previous learning into new areas and as always it has been great to see the children un-afraid to make mistakes and when they do to quickly learn from them. We had our final history lesson this week with the children comparing and contrasting Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. The children used a range of sources to find information about both monarchs and then were given free choice on how to present their findings (with some fabulous work being produced, see pictures below). In ICT we looked at how not being able to hear the tone of someone's voice can make texts and messages difficult to decipher with the children taking it in turns to say a phrase in a different tone of voice. In RSE we looked at marriage and the key factors to a happy one. The children asked some fantastic questions and really impressed me with their maturity and the ideas they have. Science saw the children conduct some experiments looking at how different materials dissolve in water and how temperature can influence the speed in which materials dissolve. In RE and PE the children have continued their respective studies on Buddhism and PE. Mr Musk (who is currently covering the class on a Thursday and Friday) even brought in some items from his time in Japan to show the children. 


We also celebrated St Andrew's day on Tuesday with the children taking part in a mini Highland Games. Their was haggis throwing, welly wanging and Highland dancing. Great fun was had by all. We were also very proud of Owen who in his role as Vice-Captain for St Andrew's presented the St Andrew's day assembly. 


Today's song is inspired by Mr Bown who has recently seen this band live and I know is a huge fan. It is a fantastic song and I imagine all of us have belted it out at some point. Enjoy James, Sit Down. 


A final request to parents. Next week we are starting a week long DT project. If you have any corrugated cardboard at home and could send it into school that would be hugely appreciated. 




Mr H

James - Sit Down