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Week ending 28.1.2022

So huge apologies first. I put the wrong dinner choices up for Monday! There were no tears (thankfully) and I think I'm just about been forgiven by the children. Extra checking from now on!


We have had such a good week writing our own version of "We're going on a Lion Hunt",  called " We're going on a Polar Bear Hunt". All the children  have now produced their first editions. First book of many I hope.



We've been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s using money as well as starting a unit on multiplication starting with exploring equal and unequal groups, repeated addition and moving onto the multiplication sign. Arrays next week. Hurray for arrays!


One of my favourite lessons of the week. We made our own maps of a Kenyan National Park which included a key and compass points.


Finally Friday it must be science...we learnt the words carnivore, herbivore and omnivore and what they meant. Looking at the words, the children could understand what a herbivore was it they knew what a herb was. Thank you Dania, who explained that carnivore comes from the Spanish word for meat, carne. I'm still learning and it's great.