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Week ending 1.10.21


This week, we continued Leaf Man's journey. He had no travel plans so could go whether the wind would blew him. He ended up on tennis racquets, in puddles and on top of chimneys amongst many places.


Year 1 have been learning to compare numbers using the maths signs = < >. Excellent progress from everyone.

Year 2 have worked hard to partition 2 digit numbers using base 10 manipulatives and part-whole models. Lots of recapping from Year 1, but all this revisiting has boosted everyone's confidence before we move on.



Guy Fawkes and his fellow plotters arrived in 1/2 B on Thursday. They entered Parliament through a tunnel, with the way lit only by a lantern to guide the way in the dark. Guy Fawkes tried to light the gunpowder, but he (and the plotters) disturbed the sleeping guards. Poor Guy was caught red handed! I hasten to add all his plotters ran off back through the tunnel.

With the situation under control, we thought about whether trying to blow the King up was a good way to solve a problem. Fortunately, everyone agreed that talking is the best way forward. We came up with questions to ask the King. 

A super fun afternoon which continued on Friday when we made lanterns and masks.

DT Food Y2:

With Y1 at Forest School, Y2 are continuing their work on healthy eating. This week they really did challenge themselves to try different root vegetable salads. Vegetable couscous was the overall favourite.