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Week 7

We have reached the end of what has been an action packed first half term in 5/6B. We have seen the return of some familiar faces in year 6 and some new additions with the year 5 children. We have also welcome Mrs MacRae (who has been missed this week by the children and staff). The class is now filled with the children's work from across the half term and it really showcases what a talented bunch of children 5/6B are. 


This week in English we have been continuing on with Street Child and turned our focus to one of the nastier characters in the book, Grimy Nick. The children considered a range of adjectives that they could use to describe him and then added these adjectives (along with some other figurative language features) into sentences and paragraphs all about the dastardly Nick. We also had two grammar lessons this week looking at coordinating conjunctions and a range of connectives. In shared reading we have been reading about Rosa Parks (inspired by Black History Month, more on this later) the children chose words to describe her and also answered questions about her life. In maths this week we have carried on looking at fractions and have been working on adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. This involved the children applying skills taught last week to find common denominators and remembering the all important golden rule. The children then have been looking at adding mixed numbers to proper fractions and other mixed numbers where again they drew on skills taught last week. In science we had our last lesson of our work on Light and looked at Newton's Theory of Colour. The children drew their own diagrams to show Newton's experiments and then made their own colour wheels to show how Newton's theory works. In art the children finished their paintings inspired by Hundertwasser. These paintings will now form past of a display on the Junior Corridor.


On Thursday the children celebrated Black History Month. This involved the children learning about a famous black athlete or sportsperson. The children looked at people like: Lewis Hamilton, Kelly Holmes and Marcus Rashford to name but a few. The children researched their lives, achievements and charity work and then made a fact file all about them. The children then presented their work to the class. In the afternoon we looked at Martin Luther King Jr's famous 'I have a dream' speech with the children themselves performing parts of it. The children then learnt about Martin Luther King Jr's life and achievements before finally reflecting on what their own dreams for the world are. 


Our song choice for this week is the song that in my opinion should the global anthem, Africa by Toto. If this isn't one of your favourite songs ever then I would be staggered, an absolute tune. 


Have a lovely half term and enjoy the well-earned rest. 


Mr H

Toto - Africa