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Week ending 27.5.2022

A fabulous four day week for the children. 

Laura from "Dance Days" ran " Dancing through the Decades" workshops for everyone. Year 2 danced in the 80s whilst Year 1 boogied down in the 90s. Year 2s tried to moonwalk with a little breakdancing all to Whitney Houston. Everyone loved it; Laura was a fantastic teacher.

Crown making on Wednesday with Miss van Hasselt. We looked at crowns from around the world then designed and made our own.

Chronology on Thursday in history, looking and ordering pictures from  the Queen's life. We found it interesting that before she was Queen, she was a girl guide and a mechanic during the Second World War.

Everyone was amazed how the Queen jumped out of a helicopter for the opening of the 2012 Olympics....the truth came out in the end.

Have a great half term everyone.