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Week ending 19.11.2021


This week in our unit called "Colour Chaos", we learnt about mixing primary colours to make secondary colours as well as look at the work of Mark Rothko. He decided that using colour was the best way to show how he was feeling. He used carefully mixed colours painted in simple blocks and lines on very big canvases. This kind of painting was called ‘Colour Field’. 

We mixed only the primary colours of red, blue and yellow to create our own 'Colour Field'.



Outdoor maths addition and subtraction challenges for Children in Need day today. We used our mental maths strategies, number lines and 100 squares to help us. 


Many thanks to Katy Traynar of St Paul's Church for showing us the many artefacts in the church which make the church a sacred place for Christians. The children loved their scavenger hunt and we all learnt alot. The adults had no idea about the symbolism of the boat shaped roof. We hope Katy gets back to us with the answer to how many bricks did it take to build the church. As an extra bonus, we all met and waved to Mrs Reynolds' mum, who was standing outside her house with her dog. Finally, thank you to the parent helpers on the day who helped each class walk safely to and from church.

Anti-Bullying Week---Odd Socks Day:

An important week in the school calendar which allows us to celebrate our uniqueness and think about the importance of one kind word. Whose socks do you recognise?


Prior to starting our written retelling of Lila and the Secret of Rain ( more on that next week...), we examined some of the pictures in the book and thought of how Lila maybe feeling at that moment and what she maybe saying.