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week ending 11.03.22.

1A have been busy learning all about The Great Fire of London this week. In English we have enjoyed reading ‘Toby and the Great Fire of London’. After exploring the story through drama, we have planned a diary entry for Toby and thought carefully about sentence starters and how Toby would be feeling at different points in his day. Within History the children have begun to learn about the main events of The Great Fire of London and have worked in small groups to produce a time line of these.

Warwickshire Fire Service also visited our school this week. The children enjoyed an informative presentation from the Fire Service and thought carefully about what they should do if there was a fire. We also learnt about the ‘Stop, drop and roll’ strategy and the importance of protective clothing.


Within maths we have been working hard to compare groups of objects. We have counted objects carefully thinking about tens and ones. We have used language such as ‘more than, less than and equal to’, we have also used the associated symbols for this too < > =.