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Week ending 17.9.21


This week we started our new book "Leaf Man". At the start of the book, Leaf Man blew away so we went searching for him in our school fields. Fortunately, we found lots of Leaf Men and Leaf Women! Today we used our phonics skills to spell and then label our pictures.


The first few weeks in the school maths year involves recapping counting and place value. This helps children to feel confident in their skills as well as allows teachers to check basic skills before moving onto addition and subtraction.

Year 1 have been counting forwards and backwards and completing a range of activities indoors (and outdoors)  to consolidate and challenge. I enjoy setting a challenge. Year 1 pupils will be expected to write numbers in words, so we've had a little practise today; everyone had a good try! Number formation is very important so I hope you find the video in the file "Letter and Number Formation" useful. In general, the reversal of digits is fairly common.

Year 2 have been recapping their knowledge of Base 10 manipulatives (sticks and stones) to represent 2 digit numbers. The equipment we use helps children to remember what each digit in a 2 digit number represents. I was impressed how they remembered much from last year. 


Our topic is called " Wonderful Weather". This week the children enjoyed learning about the symbols used to describe  weather and we even looked at some very old  tv weather forecasts. We sorted clothes into those we would wear in different weather conditions and finally some children acted as weather forecasters. Watch out Tomasz  Schafernaker!