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Week ending 21.1.2022


This week we have been fine tuning our counting in 2s, 5s and 10s with a variety of activities, including an active session of "Tennis 2s, 5s and 10s". It is the Australian Open after all.



Having become very familiar with the story repetitive language of " We're going on a lion hunt" and "We're going on a bear hunt", this week the children went on a polar bear hunt. They enjoyed experiencing the different places set up in the hall and used their expressive language to start planning their own book, "We're going on a polar bear hunt". I'm looking forward to their published books next week.


We are all thoroughly enjoying our new gymnastics lessons. The children will be aiming to produce a sequence of flowing gymnastic elements, in unison with their partner. It is fantastic to listen to them all working together and practising the different movements. Below are a few we've tried so far.

Geography and Science:

At the start of new topics, we like to ask the children what they would questions they want answering. They can keep adding to the posters through the half term and then hopefully we can answer the questions as we go along. Keeps the adults on their toes!

This week during science, we were discussing what do birds all have in common and then how are they different. We had a great conversation about birds' personalities as well as bird songs. We listened to the song of a great tit and a blackbird, the great tit being like a squeaky wheel. We should be hearing them very soon if not already.


Cooking DT Year 1:

A very excited group of Year 1 children practised their cutting skills today to produce their couscous salads. I'm pleased to say there were no medical emergencies: all fingers were intact.