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Week 1

A warm welcome back for the second half term of the academic year. 


This week in English the children have been focussing on the grammar skills of expanded noun phrases with the children looking at how a expanded noun phrase is formed and what grammatical features it would need to contain. The children spent time writing their own expanded noun phrases. The children also looked at changing a text written in the third person into the first person, specifically looking at pronouns. We took inspiration from our book Street Child using a passage from the text. Finally the children have been writing their own diary entries in preparation for next week's learning. In shared reading the children have been looking at different types of poetry, such as free-verse and nonsense poems. In maths the children have been looking at finding the area and perimeter of a range of shapes (including both rectilinear and non-rectilinear shapes). In history we started our new topic looking at The Victorians. The children completed timelines looking at where the Victorian 'era' features in British and world history. The children drew on their previous learning to help them complete the timelines. In science we began another new topic, Material and Their Properties. We looked at what properties different materials can have and then conducted some mini experiments using a range of different equipment. It was great to do such a practical lesson. Finally, in PE the children started their orienteering topic using a simple map to navigate their way around the playground.

History - timeline

Science - Properties of materials

Re - life of the Buddha