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Week 6

As we come to the end of the penultimate week of the half-term I have been reflecting on what a busy term it has been. From gymnastics to sculptures, from Henry VIII and his wives to Moses and the parting of the Red Sea. We have covered a lot and had great fun along the way. 


This week in English the children have been planning and writing narrative poems based on The Executioner's Daughter. The children were challenged to use a range of features such as metaphors and alliteration and also to consider how they could use punctuation to control the pace and flow of the poem. I was blown away by how good the finished poems were and was equally impressed with those children that came to the front of the class and performed their poems. In maths we have been concentrating on metric units and how to convert between them. The children had the opportunity to learn the theory of metric units but also got to play with scales, water and also see what was in my recycling that held water. In science the children looked at the life cycles of insects and amphibians. Art this week saw the children construct their sculptures using wire and various other materials. From what I am told there were some impressive levels of design and construction and the finished articles looked amazing. Mrs Bound took the class for this weeks RE lesson (thank you Mrs Bound) and the children discussed their ideas of freedom and justice. They had the opportunity to look at people from history who have fought for freedom and justice and inspired others to do so. Finally, in gymnastics the children put the finishing touches to their routines and then performed them to the class. 


This week's song is by Jack Penate. Great artist who puts on a brilliant live show. Torn on the Platform is a definite foot tapper and the video is excellent. 




Mr. H 

Jack Peñate - 'Torn On The Platform'