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Week ending 8.10.21

This week we have been making the most of the autumn sunshine and have spend a lot of time outside.



At the start of the week, we went outside, talked about signs of autumn and gathered some autumn leaves. When we returned to class we thought of some amazing words to describe our autumn objects. Mrs Corbett was very impressed with all of the words we suggested! We will then be using these ideas to create a list poem about autumn. 


We have also been continuing to work hard learning the alphabet. Our favourite song to dance and sing to is:



In maths this week we have been continuing our work on place value. We started the week by looking at the symbols < > = to compare numbers. Mrs Corbett told us a little secret to help us to remember which symbol to use. We pretend that the < and > are crocodile mouths and we know that the crocodile is always hungry and likes to eat the largest number e.g. 7 < 9


We have also been doing lots of ordering! We talked about ordinal numbers and used them to describe where people were in a race e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd. We had lots of fun doing this practically on the playground and then applied our knowledge to place the shapes in the correct place.


We have been looking at families and how they come in all shapes and sizes! We talked about how as a class, we are also a family who work together and look after one another. We thought about how our families at home care for us and the things that they do to help us. We then thoroughly enjoyed drawing our family and talking about them.