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Week 2

Hello. It has felt like more of a normal week this week and I have actually spent more time in the class teaching the children which has been great. It was also our Victorian theme day on Tuesday which was an absolute treat! It was so good to see so many of the children (and staff) dressed up in costume and really embracing the day. Miss Green and I agreed that Mrs Williams has missed her calling in life as she played the part of a strict Victorian teacher to perfection. The children got to practice writing with chalk, played Victorian games and discovered the joy that is learning by rote. 


Away from our theme day it has been another busy week in 5/6B. In English the children began the week doing an independent writing task where they had to write a film or book review. For the rest of the week we have been focussing on diary entries, looking again at the features of a diary before then doing a piece of shared writing using information from Street Child to write a diary from the perspective of Jim Jarvis. To further support our understanding of diaries in shared reading we spent time reading and understanding some of Queen Victoria's diary entries looking at her coronation. The children practiced their scanning skills and then answered a range of questions about what they had learnt. In maths we have been looking at 2D shapes. We spent some time looking at the different types of triangles and the children designed their own information sheets all about the properties of triangles. We then moved on to look at 2D shapes and their properties and focussed on our mathematical vocabulary like rectilinear and non-rectilinear. In history we compared and contrasted modern and Victorian schools. We gave the children some different primary sources for them to analyse and consider what we could learn from them, We started our RSE curriculum this week and the children discussed friendships and what we look for in a friend. We also spent time reflecting on ourselves as friends and considered what we do well and what we could work on. In ICT the children began their work on e-safety by first understanding the idea of empathy and how being empathetic can help us online. In PE the children spent some more time orienteering and developing their skills that they learnt last week. Finally in RE we continued our study of Buddhism. 


Our song choice this week is the song Lights & Sounds by American band Yellowcard. Back to my love of rock music.


A final reminder that Monday is 'Odd Socks Day' which is in support of anti-bullying week. Children are welcome to wear odd socks.  




Mr H



Yellowcard - Lights And Sounds

Music video by Yellowcard performing Lights And Sounds.