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Week ending 7/10/2022


Today we learnt about the story of The Good Samaritan. The children couldn't understand how people just walked by and assumed others would help instead. We talked about how in our lives we could go above and beyond and help our families and friends. Let me know if any one tidies their bedroom or clears the dinner table without being asked!


We had our magnifying glasses out this week looking carefully at a range of everyday materials- glass, rock, metal, plastic and wood. 

I hope the children will  be looking up at slate tiles on roofs and down at all the metal manhole covers/ water mains covers in pavements and as well as asking what things are made of.



Year 1 have been introduced to new maths symbols for greater than and less than-  < and > . We imagine them as hungry crocodile mouths: the wide open mouth eats the greatest number.

Year 2 have been partitioning 2 digit numbers using part whole models with some children challenging themselves to partition 2 digit numbers in different ways . For example 43 can be partitioned into 40 and 3 OR 30 and 13 OR 20 and 23 OR 10 and 33.