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Governors declarable interests

Governors must declare any relevant business or pecuniary interests including governance roles at other educational institutions, material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and staff at the school (this includes spouses, partners and close relative). Any such declared interests are set out below.   


  •    Charles Crow - Charles is a governor at the River School, Worcester, and his wife occasionally supports the school as a supply teacher.
  •    David Harkness – none
  •    Naomi Chard – Naomi is a member of staff at the school.
  •    Gus Lock - none
  •          Rachel Cooper - Rachel is a member of staff at the school.
  •    Dan Graham - none
  •    Joy Caws -  Joy's husband works at Warwickshire County Council in the Education Department, and has some responsibility for
             for education spending within the Authority
  •    Hester Meacock - none
  •    Jonathan Jee - none
  •    James Robinson – none
  •           Matthew Bown - His wife occasionally support the school as a supply teacher.
  •    Julie Jackson - none