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Week ending 27.01.23

In PE, we added a shape position and partner balance to our sequence. In Geography, we recalled that Asia is the largest continent in the world and China is located in Asia. It is the third largest country by size and has a large population. We watched a video which showed how Chinese New Year is celebrated and decorated lanterns using tissue paper. In D&T, we planned our moving mechanism by choosing our own minibeast, the mechanism, our own background scene and the equipment we will need to make it. In RE, we have been learning about Islam and focused on the question, 'Who is a Muslim and what do they believe?'. This week we labelled the features of a mosque. 


We continued to read the story ‘Snail and the Whale’. We then discussed the character’s feelings and what they might say. We acted out the scene which showed how the firemen and children rescued the whale which was stranded on the shore. This drama activity allowed us to move on to retelling the story using time conjunctions. On Friday, we discussed the features of a newspaper report. These are:

  • The name of the newspaper
  • Headline
  • A picture with a caption
  • What, when, who and where
  • Facts about the main event

As a table group, we looked at a physical newspaper and labelled the features using post-it-notes. We then sorted the features into the correct columns.

We counted to 20 and created a human number line. We then matched the pictures to the numbers and sorted them into order. We counted to 20 and created a human number line, and then matched the pictures to the numbers and sorted them into order. The following day, we found number bonds to 10 and showed this using counters and a tens frame. We found different ways of showing 10 by using numicons.


To help us understand 11, 12 and 13 we matched the pictures to the correct numbers. We then completed the pictures showing the numbers being represented on tens frames. To help us understand 14, 15 and 16 we showed how the number can be partitioned using tens and ones. We represented this using dienes. We then completed the blank tens frames, part-whole models and wrote the numbers in words.