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Week ending 11.11.2022


This week we started our work on "Our Country". We compared the countryside to towns and cities. We also had a super afternoon exploring our new school atlases. I love a good atlas and map, and could spend hours looking at them. The children seemed to love them too. Lots of questions about the United Kingdom. What are the countries called? What is a capital city? As we looked at the globe, we noted how small our island was compared to the size of the Earth.  We made the links to our House names of St George, St David, St Andrew and St Patrick. Finally, we all loved listening to " No Such Thing as Nessie!". Great end of the day story.


After making our aeroplanes last week, this week we wrote our instructions. At the end of the week, we recapped the new word classes we have learnt about: nouns, verbs and adjectives.


A busy week. Year 1 have been working on their number bonds to 10 using part-whole models, bar models, ten frames, Numicon as well as answering reasoning questions and following instructions when playing number bond games. 

Year 2 have been focusing on number bonds to 20. Using Numicon, we could see how our number bonds to 10 would help us find number bounds to 20.