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Welcome to Forest School

Welcome to Forest School- For Children



At Forest School we can:-


 Look for tracks


Find beauty in nature

                                                       Create natural mobiles

Share around the fire    


Make ourselves king for the day    

Work as part of a team


Find friends


Build dens

Make meaningful things


Learn to use tools safely


Learn about animals and their habitats

Sometimes we find creatures


Make concoctions to change the world!


See things from a different perspective!



Expect to get Messy!




Forest School- For the Grown Ups!


The philosophy of Forest Schools is to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences. Children participate in engaging, motivating and achievable tasks with adults acting as facilitators. The sessions are designed to support development in many areas of learning (physical, social, emotional, linguistic, spiritual, scientific…)


The emphasis in the planning is always on giving the children a holistic experience and focuses more on developmental outcomes than on ‘activities’ as such. The children are encouraged to explore and develop their own activities and ‘freely chosen play’ is a big part of the experience, especially with the younger children. However, opportunities are provided for using tools and most Forest Schools would have a fire circle. Learning about health and safety and taking ‘risks’ in a controlled way are important parts of the experience.


What benefits does it have?

Research has shown the following benefits:

  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Improved social skills

  • Development of language and communication skills                          

  • Improved physical motor skills

  • Improved motivation and concentration

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of the environment



At St Pauls


There is a designated ‘Forest School’ area within the school grounds which forms a ‘base’ for most activities. The sessions also encompass other areas in the grounds (e.g. pond, wild area etc.).


Sessions are staffed by a Forest School Leader and at least one other adult- it could be You!

All Reception children will receive a series of sessions which will involve exploration of their environment, sensory activities, opportunities for physical challenges and lots of open-ended activities in the outdoors.


All KS1 (infant) children receive sessions in a group no larger than 15 again with two adults, they will take part in a range of structured outdoor activities which may include the use of simple tools. Each group will attend for approximately 12 sessions over the school year.

All lower KS2 (Year3/4) children receive sessions in a group no larger than 15 attending for 6 sessions in a block during the school year.