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Week ending 3.2.2023


With this week including Numbers Day, I thought an update on maths learning would be appropriate.

Year 1 has been learning and consolidating their understanding of numbers to 20 and 50, ready for addition and subtraction up to 20 next week.

Year 2 have been working on counting in 2s and the  2 times table as well as  money work. Could they find different combination of coins for the same amounts? They could! In today's world we use coins less and less. Please encourage your child to add using coins. It is great to help counting in 2s,5s and 10s.

Next week we will also consolidate our addition and subtraction skills up to 100.


Many thanks to Lara's mum who kindly spoke to us about converting to Islam and mosques. We also learnt a little about Ramadan.

Learning about different religions helps us to understand differing cultures in our community. We realised how much we have in common and without doubt, being kind to others features strongly in Christianity and Islam.

Room on the Broom:

Friday was most definitely "Room on the Broom" day in KS1 and in 1/2 B, we continued our learning in the afternoon with art. We are making a display called " Is there Room on the Broom for 1/2B?".

we are half way there with our this space. It will definitely be ready to view for Parents' Evening.

I would like to say how well behaved all the children were going to and from the Spa Centre and for the performance itself. Many thanks to all the parents who helped to support us today. I hope you realise we love a trip in KS1. We have 2 more planned for the rest of the year, one related to science and one related to history. We'll obviously keep you informed....