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Week 7 w/e 18.02.22

It was wonderful to end the last week of this half term by finally welcoming visitors back into school.  Thank you so much to Jack's Dad and Jesse's Mum who spent the afternoon with us bringing our Geography learning to life.  Jack's dad shared photos and stories from his work as a Tour Guide in Kenya's National Parks and Jesse's Mum talked to us about life in Uganda, a country that borders Kenya, and how she works to bring water into the lives of the people there.  Her pictures enhanced our learning about their culture.  We were able to discuss similarities and differences between our own lives and the lives of children in Africa.  Thank you once again for your time - the children really enjoyed your visit.

Our beautiful GROWING TOGETHER display of all our work from last week...

In MATHS, after completing our multiplication and division work, we have moved on to looking at STATISTICS.  We have collected data and made tally charts.  We then interpreted the data collected by answer questions.  Next we looked at pictograms as another way of presenting data.  We transferred information from tally charts into a pictogram and then we have completed pictograms and answered more questions on that data represented.

In ENGLISH, we have ended the half term by researching information for and writing a non chronological report about polar bears.  Everyone worked really hard on all the key basics such as capital letters to start a sentence, finger spaces, punctuation to end a sentence and handwriting as well as cramming in the features of the text type - well done everyone !