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Week ending 13.5.2022

DT- Textiles:

You've probably been hearing about our sewing and puppet making. On Friday, we finally completed them. Look at all the proud and happy faces.

Maths- fractions:

We are loving having Miss van Hasselt in our class. For the past 2 weeks, she has been planning and teaching fabulous maths lessons with excellent learning taking place. Here is selection of the work to date in no particular order.


We have started our learning about seeds and plants. We started thinking about what we knew already then thought  about what we would like to know (this keeps us on our toes!). The children loved using our magnifying glasses to look carefully at the variety of seeds. Such a variety! Thank you for the yogurt pots; we have now planted our cress seeds.


We thought about Jack's feelings and personality using a teaching technique called " Role on the Wall".  Everything we know about his personality we wrote inside his body; everything physical about him we wrote outside plus we wrote some questions we still wanted answering. I still have a problem with Jack stealing the golden eggs and harp, even though it is to help his beloved mum! Perhaps when we rewrite the ending next week, we can think of a different was to solve Jack and his mother's situation.