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Week ending 11.2.2022

Mental Health Week:

This year's theme has been "Growing Together". Challenging ourselves and trying something different helps us to grow. On Monday afternoon, 1/2 B were up to the challenge of performing a dance routine to "Roar" by Katy Perry, although our inspiration was from Revelation Avenue's performance on BGT in 2015.  The lyrics are very apt. A  few photos are attached although I don't think they give a true flavour of how much fun we had and how involved the children were in deciding the actions. We finished off with performing in front of Mrs Newell, Mr Hawkins and Ms Wood. What an afternoon!


Internet Safety Day 8.2.2022

I was really impressed how much the children remembered how to keep safe online. We discussed different scenarios where internet savvy zoo animals (yes really) received messages and then we decided how they should reply. The children were aware of not giving personal information to people they don't know. We wouldn't give our address to a someone we didn't know in the street, so why would we give it someone online who we don't know.

We have learnt to keep SMART.


Starting the week with drawing arrays then finishing with outdoor learning. Counting in 2s,5s and 10s and then learning our times tables has been our focus. Good progress made across the board. Sharing, grouping and dividing next week!


This week we learnt how our 5 senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, all work together to help us keep safe and help us make sense of the world. We performed lots of tests:

Sight: building towers with our eyes shut. How easy was it? How did we adjust?

Hearing: predicting the loudest instrument

Touch: predicting and testing of different materials

Taste: everyone's favourite, we tasted without looking salty, sweet and sour foods.

Could we identify them?

Smell: could we identify smells without seeing the objects?

We also learnt a little about Braille books.

Lots of fun, prediction making and discussion with excited children!