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Week ending 22.10.21

Black History Month:

This week we learnt about the life and work of Alma Thomas. Alma was an American artist who was not allowed to go to school until she was 15. When she started art lessons, she said " it was like entering heaven". Her art work is vibrant and colourful. We created our own version of her painting "Springtime in Washington".

We were also so lucky to watch Usifu Jalloh, a storyteller from Sierra Leone, tell an Anansi the spider story in an expressive musical way. Thank you to "One World Link" charity for funding and donating to this special event. For nearly an hour, the children  (and adults) listened, laughed and danced to his fabulous performance.

History- The Gunpowder Plot:

In our final lesson, we looked at how we commemorate The Gunpowder Plot today. Some old photos showed children wheeling a home made Guy around, with the sign "A penny for the Guy". Everyone enjoyed drawing pictures of bonfires and fireworks as well as including pictures of the actual story. A great end to our topic!


I have to mention Year 2's final cooking lesson. They bravely taste tested tinned tuna, salmon and sardines. I'm pleased to say that many of then surprised themselves and enjoyed the salmon and sardines. A tuna salad was made, again using our knife skills as well as using a lemon zester and squeezer, both which needed quite a bit of strength.


Finally, we completed our information posters about Autumn which had to include a heading, sub-heading, factual information and relevant pictures. As always, everyone was reminded to use capital letters and full stops appropriately.