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Week ending 4.3.2022

The Masked Reader

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St. David's Day March 1st

After a Collective Worship led by Mrs Newell, we enjoyed drawing daffodils as guided by following a video. The results were excellent and all the drawings (and collages from other classes) will go towards our St. David's Day display. A photo will be posted on completion.


Learn how to draw a Daffodil Real Easy for with Shoo Rayner, the author of Everyone Can Draw - the book that teaches you how to draw.

Shrove Tuesday March 1st:

St. David's Day and Shrove Tuesday- all on the same day! Without a doubt, we all enjoyed our House pancake races.  The children ran, walked, flipped once, flipped twice and even flipped once higher than themselves, all in the name of their House. I suppose fittingly, St. David's won the overall House trophy. Good work everyone.


Our first day back after half term, we enjoyed our "Topic Day". First, we had to find clues in the playground to our new history topic, then write a five sentence story on how we thought all the pictures were linked. The clues were: a diary, a fire, a bakery, a picture of 17th Century people and a pudding. The final clue was a mound of soil in the vegetable beds. At the end of the day, we dug it up only to find a bottle of wine and some cheese. Please ask the children what this was all about! (Please note - it had nothing  to do with any staff party).


On World Book Day, we started our work on the Easter Story. We felt the story had sadness that led to happiness, which  made us think of Winter leading into Spring. An early Easter egg hunt around the classroom led us to parts of the story which we were able to sequence together. I was so impressed with the children's knowledge.


Fabulous division this week. So proud of everyone.