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Week ending 15.10 21


This week we began at looking at the difference between fiction books and non-fiction books. With Mrs MacRae, the children spent part of the morning sorting our books in to fiction and non-fiction. They realised that fiction are story books and you need to start at the beginning and non-fiction books are fact books with a contents page a the beginning, allowing you to choose where to start in the book. Perhaps children can sort their books at home? Later in the week, we began to write factual sentences ready for making our fact posters about Autumn.


Both Year 1 and Year 2 have started units on addition and subtraction. We have used part-whole models to help us to partition numbers and write fact families. Lots of great and varied work this week.

DT-Food Year 2:

No cooking this week but we evaluated our cooking skills from the week before and wrote sentences about how fish is a super food for our bodies. Next week we are tasting tuna and then preparing a tuna pasta salad take home.


History: The Gunpowder Plot

I'm pretty sure learning about The Gunpowder Plot has been many children's favourite lesson of the week! Today we learnt about the plotters, especially Thomas Percy. We realised that Guy Fawkes was the one about to light the Gunpowder, but others were just as guilty and needed to be caught be the King's Guards. We made wanted posters with a ransom and detailing what he may have looked like.