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Week ending 4.2.2022

NSPCC Number Day:

This week, we have been working hard at our 2 times table, counting in 2s and drawing and understanding arrays.

We explain the multiplication sign as "lots of" or "groups of" so 3 x 2 is 3 lots of 2. This helps the children link the array to the written times table. We love a visual in KS1!

Today for Numbers Day, we have been testing our knowledge in PE, maths and any time of the day for that matter.

We also read three fantastic books with numbers at the heart of them.


We started this week looking at the differences between non-fiction and fiction texts. We enjoyed watching videos on polar bears and deciding on what sub headings we could use for an information text. We then wrote/ drew a model text which we tried to learn.

Next week we are going to plan our own information text based on a "new polar animal" using these sub headings and sentence structures as our guide. I'm looking forward to this.

Topic- Kenya:

We love learning about animals, and have especially noted the phrase "Did you know?" in many books.

This week the children had to sort different "Did you know?" statements. All the children were encouraged to use their phonics skills to read the statements.

Did you know that a giraffe's tongue can grow to 50cm?

Did you know that giraffes meet in small groups called towers?

Did you know that elephants do not like bees?

Did you know that zebras are black with white stripes?

And from earlier English lessons....did you know that a polar bear has black skin!