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Week ending: 1.4.22

In maths this week we have been measuring mad !!!

We have been comparing the length of objects using vocabulary such as 'longer', 'taller' and 'shorter'. We have also been using cubes to measure classroom objects. We tried our best to make estimates before actually measuring and noticed the more we did this, the better our estimates got!

In English this week, we have been working in character as the baker from The Great Fire of London. We used drama to explore how Mr Farriner (the baker) would feel as the fire developed and spread. We have then started a story writing from his perspective. We predicted whether Mr Farriner would admit that the fire started at his bakery on Pudding Lane or whether he would keep it to himself as a secret.

In R.E. this week we have been looking again at the Easter story.  We have noticed that there are some parts that are happy and some parts which are sad.