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Week 2

Friday 17th June


The children have worked really well this week despite the heat and have been ensuring they try to stay cool and drink plenty of water. The highlight of our week was Sports Day, it was great to see so many parents in attendance. The children made  us all very proud with their effort and resilience in many of the races.

Lessons this week have included: English - Writing stories based on the book "Escape from Pompeii"

Maths - working with all 4 operations. 

History - investigating what the Romans left behind in England when they left.

RSE: healthy eating.

We have also completed some of our final tests in maths and english for year 4. 


Certificate winner this week are: Tristan received the Values certificate for being kind and thoughtful to his friends and May received the Head teacher award for challenging herself in everything she does in school and for being an all round great class member.